Where can I find Hawaii’s Own near me?

We’ve done the work for you. Click on the Availability page to choose your state and retailer for details or you may feel free to contact us by clicking on the Contact page and we will gladly assist you.

If I prefer to speak with a live person, how do I contact Hawaii’s Own?

Please call our corporate office at 253-891-7867.

What does the “Best Used By” date mean on the lid?

It means that when the product has been stored in its frozen state (we recommend at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit), the quality and flavor is best until the date printed on the lid. Once the product has been thawed and prepared and kept under refrigeration it will remain good for about a week.

Once I thaw the product, how many days do I have before I need to mix it up?

If the product is kept unopened and refrigerated, you have a few days prior to mixing. After mixing with water the juice has about a one week shelf life.

Is Hawaii’s Own pasteurized?

Yes, all Hawaii’s Own Tropical Blends are pasteurized for your safety.

Does your product contain Vitamin C?

Yes, Hawaii’s Own Tropical Blends contain 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C in an 8 ounce serving.

How should I mix Hawaii’s Own?

Mix the contents of one can with three cans of cold water and stir well. Keep refrigerated.

Can you explain the Nutrition Facts?

Hawaii’s Own Nutrition Facts are in compliance with standard labeling practices and can refer to both the finished state/reconstituted product (one can concentrate + 3 cans waters) as well as the concentrated state (as purchased or not mixed with water) depending on the serving size. As found on the label, the nutrition facts are based on serving sizes of either one 8 ounce serving of the reconstituted or mixed product –OR- one 2 ounce serving of concentrate or non-mixed product.

Does Hawaii’s Own contain gluten?

No, Hawaii’s Own products are gluten free.

Does Hawaii’s Own contain soy?

No, Hawaii’s Own product are soy free.