Tropical Lemonade Flavors Have Arrived

Hawaii’s Own Mango Lemonade Frozen Concentrate and Hawaii’s Own Passion Lemonade Frozen Concentrate have in fact hit supermarket freezer shelves and are quickly gaining popularity with everyone! These frozen tropical lemonade concentrates make a perfectly refreshing beverage on a hot sunny day and mix well over ice for happy hour cocktails to enjoy with pupus ("appetizers" in Hawaiian) just like they do on the islands! Please check our Availability page to find Hawaii’s Own frozen tropical lemonade concentrates in your area.

Posted by: Hawaii's Own on August 29 2012

Two New Flavors Coming!

We have been asked for years about creating tropical lemonades. The wait is nearly over; Hawaii’s Own is introducing two new exciting (and GREAT tasting) tropical lemonades – Mango Lemonade and Passion Lemonade. They will start appearing on grocery store freezer shelves late in the spring of 2012. If you have trouble locating these flavors, simply contact us, via our website, for the location of a store near you where these flavors are available.

Posted by: Hawaii's Own on January 02 2012

Share Your Recipes - Get a Coupon!

We are eager to learn about your favorite recipe using Hawaii's Own.  For every unique recipe submitted, we will send two coupons to you expressing our sincere appreciation for your sharing.  As a bonus MAHALO, if your recipe is selected to appear (with your permission) on our website, we will send 10 additional coupons to you!"

Posted by: Hawaii's Own on October 14 2009